These links provide some examples of my work and I am very happy to provide specific examples on request.

I have not included academic papers, as published articles have the input of several people and do not reflect my sole contribution, even as first named author.


Medical Writing

Samples of work from professional development course on freelance medical writing. Non-confidential samples available on request.



Scientific Editing

Client: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC Publishing)

Brief: In-depth edit of scientific meaning and language used, in particular ensuring that text is written to suit an international scientific audience.

Biomedical Imaging – The Chemistry of Probes, Labels and Contrast Agents

Kinase Drug Discovery

Chemistry of Plants – Perfumes, Pigments and Poisons

Caffeine: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects


Scientific Writing – Feature articles

Client: Frontiers Magazine, Orkney Science Festival

Please see my page for all articles written for Frontiers Magazine.

The article “A Shining Star” was adopted as material by the National Agency for Education in Sweden as the reading test in the National Test for English for secondary students.


Blog Writing

1. Client: KirsopLabs, Independent Teaching Project

Please see my page for articles written for my blog, KirsopLabs.

The article “Why do Impure Solids Melt at Lower Temperatures”? has received 40 845 total views over a 3-year period since publication and several favourable comments by students in regard to how clearly the meaning is put across.

2. Client: Bitesize Bio, Science Square Ltd.

Brief: To develop a series of interview articles within the theme of  ‘Alternative Careers for Scientists’. A couple of examples are listed.

Medical Writer

Clinical Research Scientist