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Student feedback for online workshops in scientific writing


Allison has been employed by the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh to provide training courses in scientific writing for both undergraduate and postgraduate (MSc) students. One of the challenges we set her was to help with bringing the skills of overseas MSc students up to the standard required to write an effective thesis. Since the introduction of Allison’s training sessions, we have noted a marked improvement in the quality of these students’ writing skills and have been delighted with her contributions on this front.

As the Director of Teaching, I value Allison’s work very highly and can recommend her as someone who can engage well with a diverse range of students and is always prepared to be flexible in the help and guidance she provides.

Dr. Philip Bailey, Director of Teaching, School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh


Allison is one of the ablest people I know in taking forward projects and managing programmes. Her ability is partly the result of natural commitment and flair, and partly the result of the full range of experience she has had in her work. She can sort out large and complicated problems, with total reliability and a deep sense of responsibility, setting the highest standards for herself and the overall outcome.

Dr. Howie Firth, Director, Orkney Science Festival


As an Associate Editor of the journal Neuroendocrinology, I have worked with Allison since she joined the editorial office in 2010. During this time I have been deeply impressed with her performance, dedication and work ethics. She manages the publication process with excellent efficiency and care, moving it along while maintaining the utmost degree of respect and consideration for both the authors and reviewers. As a consequence of her outstanding managerial capabilities, the overall process of publishing an article moves fluently from one stage to the other resulting in a final decision within a remarkably short length of time. This expedience has been noted by researchers in the neuroendocrinology field, who have become increasingly aware of the advantages of publishing good quality articles in Neuroendocrinology. As a consequence of this improvement, the impact factor of the journal has increased significantly in the last two years, making Neuroendocrinology the premier journal in this field of the biological sciences. Allison is not only competent but also has a pleasant personality, which makes her working relationship with authors, reviewers and editors easy and meaningful. I have very much enjoyed interacting with her on a weekly or even more frequent basis.

Allison conducts herself with class and competence, displaying attention to details and profound understanding of the editorial process. These qualities have greatly benefited Neuroendocrinology. Because of the above considerations, I am delighted to write this recommendation for Allison’s profile.

Prof Sergio Ojeda, Senior Scientist, OHSU

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Allison Kirsop during her Ph.D. at the School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh. Our specific collaboration yielded an important paper published in 2009 in the ACS journal, Inorganic Chemistry. In this work, Allison synthesised novel anti-HIV compounds (vanadyl xylylbicyclam complexes) and showed that they were effective in blocking HIV-1 and HIV-2 strain entry into cells, with bioactivities comparable to market-leading drugs. I found it very easy to get along with Allison during this productive collaboration. Allison has since worked in other cutting-edge areas of research including regenerative medicine, and over the past few years has successfully served as the Editorial Manager of the journal, Neuroendocrinology which further demonstrates her ability to adapt to different challenges.

I have no hesitation in recommending Allison for her wide-ranging scientific abilities and intellect.

Dr. Dinesh Soares, Computational Structural Biology Specialist, University of Edinburgh, MRC Human Genetics Unit

I have had a pleasure of working with Allison during my Ph.D. at the University of Edinburgh. She is hugely passionate about research and science in general, very hard-working, ambitious and proactive. On a personal level, Allison is one of the most helpful people I have ever met and worked with. She is so patient with others and always willing to go out of her way to help out.

Allison has my strongest recommendations as a driven professional, great team player and talented leader.

Dr. Tijana Burgarcic-Leniore, Managing Director & Consultant at Rarebase Ltd.

Allison has a great business and has a professional approach to her clients. I strongly recommend her to anyone needing this type of service.

Brian Bailey, Student Business and Incubation Manager at University of Leeds

Allison worked as a freelance copy editor on academic books for the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2011 while I was the Senior Production Controller. Her work is always of high quality, and she has an excellent editorial eye for punctuation and grammar errors. Allison can work within tight deadlines while dealing with large projects. She also maintains high quality when working under pressure to meet these deadlines.

I would have no hesitation in using Allison for academic texts in the future, and I can highly recommend her as an experienced copy editor.

Carl Saxton, Senior Editor, Cambridge University Press

I had the pleasure to work with Allison in a research team at the University of Edinburgh. Allison is an intelligent, creative and hard-working person. She works well in the laboratory environment as an independent individual and well as a team player. Allison can turn her hand to pretty much everything, and as such often solves a problem in a new or innovative way. She is also a very cheerful person and has an excellent, positive outlook.

Dr. Kate Cameron, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Edinburgh Medical School

As co-Founder of the KirsopLabs project, Allison has the scientific knowledge to deal with the content as well as an eagle eye for detail when it comes to design. The site was set up quickly, and I was able to use it for a teaching workshop within two weeks of us forming the idea. Allison has taken the initial idea of having an online platform to support my teaching labs into a pedagogical exercise where students can develop their communication skills before entering the workforce.

I would recommend anyone looking to develop online teaching aids to contact Allison and can vouch for her undivided attention to your project.

Dr. Peter Kirsop, Teaching Fellow, University of Edinburgh

Allison Kirsop produced an excellent website for me with class and taste in less than a week. I’d been tolerating a less than standard presence on the web for around nine months. The original provider couldn’t seem to fix the typos and misspells they caused, and would give me excuses that the server cache needed three days to clear before my content would appear. I put up with it because I’m trying to spend my time writing the books that are the basis for the website. Allison changed all of that for me and I am really pleased with the new site. I thoroughly recommend her.

Angus H Day, Author of the Next You Universe