Top 10 Avoidable Mistakes for Science Authors

Author mistakes writing manuscriptsA ‘print out and keep’ handy tool for research authors

10 top tips from journal editors of AMA: how to avoid errors when preparing research papers.

Journal editors who worked on the AMA (American Medical Association) Manual of Style have compiled a list of writing errors made by authors when submitting journal manuscripts. These mistakes can lead to unnecessary delays in peer-review, and in the final publishing process. More importantly, they are most definitely avoidable.

I can give you another one as number 11:

Address cover letters to the editor of the journal you intend to submit your paper to and make sure you use the correct journal name if reusing a previous cover letter!

Are you guilty?

Top 10 avoidable mistakes as an author

Read the full article by Andrea Hayward onĀ Editage Insights.

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