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Allison Ross Kirsop, Ph.D.
“As a professional medical writer and supplier of digital services, I am committed to the highest professional ethics and standards.”

Memberships held:
European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) | Medical Journalists’ Association (MJA) | Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) | British Society for Neuroendocrinology (BSN)

As a proud member of EMWA, Rosswrite Medical Writing will work with you to provide medical and health-related non-promotional writing of the highest standard, bound by CORE Reference ethics.


Medical Writing

  • CME/CPD (Needs Assessments and Background Reviews)
  • Medical news writing | conference summaries | teaching material for online platforms
  • Formulating and writing clinical manuscripts for publication
  • Content writing for academic, medical, and health-related websites

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Online Training

As an instructor in scientific writing, I hold a strong belief that good communication skills are essential to becoming a successful publishing scientist.

I also believe that an academic’s time is better spent on advancing science rather than teaching people how to write. I provide online workshops in scientific writing skills.

Online workshops for scientists-in-training have 2 major positives:

  1. Students integrate faster into the scientific community through increased confidence once they learn the skills they need to be a better writer. By “getting it right first time,” they save valuable research and study time – time which is often wasted producing draft after corrected draft for assignments or papers.
  2. Academic staff are there to teach the science and do not have time to teach students how to write. When students can provide a good first draft, everyone wins.

For online workshops, individuals can access the audio and video lecture material for self-study, and tailored workshops are available for universities and research groups according to discipline.

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Research Credentials

With a Ph.D. in Bioinorganic Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh, UK, I worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Edinburgh University Medical School and Colorado State University.

  • Design and development of polymer scaffolds for stem cell therapy in cartilage regeneration
  • Design and development of novel bisphosphonate delivery in bone cancer
  • Design and development of entry inhibitor antiviral agents against HIV

I also hold the position of Editorial Manager for the peer-review journal Neuroendocrinology.

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